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Breedplan from The Pines

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The Pines  is an Angus cattle farm located in Southern Highland. The Pines breedplan is registered under BZO. The Pines focuses on high marbling streer market and the bulls, donors as well as key breeders are tested based on GeneSTAR.

The main aim of The Pines is to produce exclusive breeders which can be achieved only if 80 percent of the calves are weighed at the time of birth. The Pines is of the view that the actual weight of the calves has to be measured at the time of birth otherwise one might get to know very little information regarding the future heifer and their ability to carry out future breeder.

Weighing calves at birth is a stressful process but is also essential to know about the herd. After being certain about the calves first weight, The Pines can plan as to which sires is required for future heifer. The Y60, a Design Plus 97 daughter weighs about 49 Kgs at the time of birth. The Pines also suggest that exact weighing at birth enables for clear-cut planning in breeding as well as for precise calculations of calving without difficulty.

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