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GenSTAR tested bulls from The Pines

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The scanning processes undertaken by The Pines for female herds of Angus cattle provide a fair indication about the marbling of the herd. The scanning process confirms the high marbling average as per Estimated Breeding Values (EBV’s). With the help of GeneSTAR testing, The Pines has gained tremendous knowledge of the herd in areas of tenderness and marbling.

The GeneSTAR testing from The Pines helps to know more about the inheritable tenderness gene. The data is reliable as the tenderness star does not rise or fall with the fat condition of the animal. The female herd comprises of cattle from 208-Future Direction cross, OB45-Future Direction cross, 208-Te Mania Xpo cross. The Pines also includes females by Design Plus 97 and Vermilion Dateline.

The Pines also breeds bulls which would sire good daughters. The Pines chooses a lineage which includes legendary maker of females like Sitz Traveler 8180, Bando 598, Traveler 71 and Leachman Right Time. The main aim of The Pines is to produce a healthy and good looking herd. The Pines stresses on the importance of fertility and calving without any difficulty.

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