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The Tank Shop  caters to the water storage requirements of industrial, commercial and residential facilities with their comprehensive range of water tanks.  

Three water tanks with individual capacities of 240,000 litres each installed for the Ballarat Secondary College have helped them solve their water problems efficiently. With a combined storage of 720,000 litres of water, the college is capable of independently meeting the water requirements of their sporting ovals, general grounds and gardens.  

Reduced rainfall caused by global warming is beginning to affect millions of people in many countries around the world. Rainwater harvesting is one way people, farms, businesses, schools and various establishments can help reduce the drain on the planet’s limited resources.  

Harvested rainwater can be used for flushing toilets, watering gardens, cleaning vehicles and irrigating farms to reduce the strain on current resources.   

Millions of litres of water can be saved each year by harvesting rainwater and using water storage tanks to store it.  

Steel Sectional Water Tanks  

Steel water tanks facilitate storage of larger volumes of water economically. Steel tanks are available for domestic establishments, small acreage sub-divisions, farms, horticultural nurseries, commercial and industrial applications, irrigation and water treatment facilities as well as the National Solar Schools program.  

A key advantage in steel tanks is their fire-resistance, which is particularly relevant for Australian conditions. The industrial steel wall in these tanks provides strength and security for people in the long term.  

All fittings in the tank are made from brass with steel ball valve outlets, and the tank is fully enclosed with a corrugated iron dome roof for additional durability.  

Tank Sizes

Steel water tanks are available in 9 sizes with capacities ranging from 52,000 litres through to 272,000 litres.  

These tanks come in Zincalume or Colorbond colours.  

The Tank Shop also supplies an innovative gutter system for the tank roof that channels 100% of tank roof water run-off back into the tank.

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