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Livestock Medication
Bottle Mount Vaccinators are used by farmers for vaccinating or treating all livestock including sheep, cattle, pigs, rams, poultry, alpacas, and horses with any injectable products like livestock vaccinations or livestock medication.

Particularly useful with animal vaccines and treatments like hormones for sheep and cattle AI programmes where bottles need to be changed regularly.

Recently there has been huge interest from farmers who are vaccinating cattle with the pink eye vaccinator. This vaccine is presented in a bottle which fits on all of Think Livestock's different types of bottle mount vaccinator guns.

By using conventional adapters the gun can quickly be transformed so that it can also be fitted with standard blow moulded vaccine packs. All vaccine pack sizes and presentation types are suitable to be used on bottle mount vaccinators.
Benefits of Bottle Mount Vaccinators
  • Allows the operator to keep the vaccines and the gun together.
  • Once loaded, the applicator delivers accurate shots one after the other until the bottle is empty.
  • The bottle is very quickly and easily removed and replaced
  • Removes the need for draw off tubes hanging around your neck when vaccinating animal.
  • Everything is kept together and changing bottles is done in a few seconds
  • Medical equipment is much more convenient than older vaccine delivery systems
  • Used to improve cattle health, horse health, livestock health, pig health and sheep health.
  • Livestock vaccines or animal health treatments that are thick (viscous) are often much easier to use through a bottle mounted gun because the vaccine flows much better.
These guns are very popular with farmers who use a product in sedating rams at shearing time.
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