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New livestock water dosing equipment from Think Livestock

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Think Livestock  have been selling imported water medication equipment to the pig and poultry industries for many years. Over the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of beef, dairy and sheep farmers wishing to use the same water dosing equipment and technology.  

Supplementing livestock drinking water is a cost effective and labour smart way to deliver essential levels of minerals to ensure peak performance of livestock at times when feed quality or quantity is low.

The choice of water dosing equipment depends on individual farm circumstances.

Water Powered machines - The Gator XL

These are inexpensive set rate dosers. They don’t need electricity to run; just a source of water pressure. 

Peristaltic pumps for low pressure - The Select Doser

Select water dosing equipment operates on 12V DC supply and comes with a plug-in transformer, or a 12V battery and can be used where there is no reliable mains electricity supply. A number of colour coded pump tubes are used to allow dosing ratios from 1:10 up to 1:100,000.  The water dosing equipment can work from gravity feed tanks or water pressures of up to 3 bar (approx 35 psi) and water flows from 1 litre per hour to 25,000 litres per hour. 

Peristaltic pump for high pressure - The G5 Select Doser

G5 Select water dosing equipment uses a heavy duty mains powered pump and can deliver medication (with all the features of the Select Doser) into water pressures of up to 6.9 bar (100 psi).

Software is now available that allows operators using any of the Select Dosers to program a dose per animal rather than setting a pre set ratio.

The water dosing machine then measures water intake and adjusts its own ratios every 24 hours to suit what the stock are drinking. In the event of a broken water line, this reduces the losses to a maximum of 1 animal dose per day because the water dosing equipment automatically stops once the daily requirement has been added.

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