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Select-640, Select-480, Gator-XL, Select-G5, Spinstir Water Dosing Equipment

Water Medication Dosing Equipment
Think Livestock's range of water dosing equipment has been specifically created for use in agricultural and similar situations where products such as chlorine, soluble fertilisers, livetstock vaccines, minerals, vitamins, and a selection of other chemicals need to be dispensed into water proportionately to the flow. These animal health products improve the wellbeing of your livestock health.

Select Range of Water Dosing Equipment / Pumps
The Select range of water dosing pumps is designed to help take the guesswork out of water consumption and assist in better managing your dosing system.


  • Select water dosing equipment always gives highly accurate dosages
  • Fewer health problems and faster gains in animal operations due to precise dosing
  • These animal heathcare products only have minimal maintenance required and are long lasting due to replaceble tubes
  • Accuracy of over 95%, performing better than variable water pumps and electric pumps
  • Livestock vaccinations and livestock medication in the water helps in improving the livestock nutrition and the animal's health.

Gator-XL Water Dosing Equipment / Pumps
The Gater-XL water dosing systems is a rugged, reliable, yet simple set rate chemical dosing water pumps. Gater water dosing is ideal for diverse farming situations when set ratios of fertilisers, chemicals, acids, vitamins, chlorine, additives, mineral and a whole selection of other chemicals need to be added to water.


  • Water powered
  • Set ratio of 1:100
  • Chemical bypass
  • Factory trained repairer
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Modular design

Spinstir Water Medication Dosing Equipment
Spinstir water dosing equipment from Think Livestock is an easy to use, extremely efficient stirrer, designed to be used with a host of different powdered product held in stock solutions. The Spinstir-612 provides sufficient agitation to keep particles in suspension throughout the dosing period, with active ingredients being dosed accurately and no residue left remaining at the end of dosing.

Spinstir is ideal for:

  • Nutritional powders
  • Medicinal powders
  • Vaccines
  • Horticultural products

For more in depth information about water dosing equipment from Think Livestock please enquire now.

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