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Jakaru range from Thompson Longhorn

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The Jakaru range from Thompson Longhorn is designed specially for cattlemen owning a small number of cattle. The split gate from the Jakaru range is located on the operator’s side with full door on off-side. The Jakaru range has sheeted bottom panel on either sides of crush for animal leg safety. The Jakaru range from Thompson Longhorn includes silent head-bail locking system.

The telescopic sliding rear gate in Jakaru range offers clear access to rear of crush. The grease nipples on moving parts in Jakaru range provide easy maintenance. The Jakaru range has vet access in rear sliding door (on basic model). The Jakaru range includes options such as head restraining attachment, ratchet push-up bars, Baulk gate, calf restraining bar.

The Grazier crush range from Thompson Longhorn includes split gates on either side with safety spring latches. The forward hinging in Grazier crush range are on the operator's side and the rear hinging on opposite side. The Grazier crush range also includes parallel or Vee opening head-bail, silent head-bail locking system, shaped bottom door in vet section for arm protection and so on.

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