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Electronic products from Thunderbird

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Thunderbird offers electronic products to customers residing in Australia. Thunderbird has been involved in manufacturing electronic items for more than forty years. Country Electronics, after the development of a wide range of electronic fence energisers and agricultural weighing system, acquired the trade mark and business of Thunderbird agricultural products in 1990.

Thunderbird has been developing, redesigning and manufacturing more than fifty electric fences and weighing products ever since 1990 in order to improve the performance and quality of the product. Thunderbird is a progressive electric fence and agricultural weighing company with regards to its market growth and product development.

Thunderbird is well known for its market growth and product development due to the close working relationship between the die manufacturing and the in-house tooling team with electronic design engineers.

Thunderbird is constantly involved in research and development. The constant involvement in research and development helps the team members of Thunderbird to develop the product, improve its performance and enable it to be at the top in the related industry. Thunderbird offers agricultural scales, products for general fencing, electric fencing, solar fencing and so on.

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