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Adaptors, tubs and bins from Tilkey

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The 1000 litre IBC, provided by Tilkey , includes features such as new food grade steel pallet, food grade steel or plastic pallet, A grade steel or plastic pallet, B grade steel pallet and C grade wooden pallet. All 1000 litres IBC, provided by Tilkey, are 1m x 1.2m x 1.2m and come with a 150 millimetre (6 inches) Screw Lid and 50 millimetre (2 inch) tap.

The tubs and bins, offered by Tilkey, includes feature such as 52 Litre Bin 500 x 410 x 320 millimetre, also available with lid for 52 litre bin, 200 litre handy tub 990 x 600 x 470 millimetre (No Lids available for this tub), also available in 90 litre round and rectangular tubs. The plastic bucket, offered by Tilkey, is also available with or without lid. The plastic bucket range from Tilkey is available in sizes such as 10, 15 and 20 litres.

The adaptor provided by Tilkey includes features such as tank adaptors that are ideal for 1000 litre IBC Tanks, 2" coarse thread to 2” Female BSP, 2" coarse thread to 1 1/2” Male and BSP with hose tail.

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