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Rollers, canopies and winches from Tilly's

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Tilly's  helps customers avail spare parts at the right price, place and time. Old machines that arrive at Tilly's are provided with specific numbers that help in identifying the parts, as and when needed. After the numbering process, these part are sent to a concrete washdown bay where the oil and fuel is drained and collected in order to prevent pollution.

The parts that are considered suitable for reuse are then rust-protected and painted as per requirements. Tilly's offers a number to each part in order to make the identification process easier. The parts are then moved to the warehouse for storage. This enables Tilly's to despatch parts as quickly as possible for the convenience of customers.

The machines are carefully washed and their guards and covers are removed. Oil stained dirt, found in the machines, is then disposed off in an environmentally friendly manner. The parts are cleaned thoroughly  in order to pass quality inspection checks which include measuring and crack tests. Tilly's stocks a wide range of new and used equipment such as tracks, stick rakes, blades, rollers, canopies, winches, rippers, scoops, forks, etc.

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