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Semen from healthy stud bulls available at Timor Limousins Stud

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Timor Limousins Stud  provides semen from healthy stud bulls like Tanholm Ramses, Timor Choice Poll Tailor, Evergreen Lardner, Timor Poll Yeoman, Tanholm Valais and Riviere Vue. Timor Poll Lyric is an 18-month-old bill, Timor Poll Lyric is three years old and Tanholm Ramses is an easy calving bull with short gestation. Tanholm Ramses is short coated and can produce large eye muscle area.

Tanholm Ramses from Timor Limousins Stud has proven his prepotency, as its progeny are in demand. His daughters are also breeding well with high maternal capacity. Timor Choice Poll Tailor is a homozygous poll. Since it is homozygous, his calves are well polled. Calves produced by Timor Choice Poll Tailor mature at an early stage with an easy finishing.

The Timor Choice Poll Tailor is proven for calving and useful when joined with heifers. The Timor Choice Poll Tailor belongs to the agri-gene category and is a trait leader for gestation length. Evergreen Lardner is the Champion of Limousin Bull of Australia.

He is a well balanced bull with moderate frame and healthy muscles. He is characterised by his colour, yield and ease of calving. The semen of the Evergreen Lardner from Timor Limousins Stud is available through Agri-Gene or Wacol. Evergreen Lardner has been highly rated by GeneStar for his marbling and tenderness characteristics.

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