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Biodegradable Films from Tojo Packaging

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Tojo Packaging  offers the NatureFlex™ range of biodegradable films based on renewable resources such as wood pulp from managed plantations with novel heat seal-resins on each side.  

These biodegradable films are static-free and offer a super wide heat seal range for outstanding machine performance. 

Biodegradable films offer good gas barrier properties and the coatings can be tailored to provide varying degrees of moisture barrier, depending on the needs of the wrapped product.

NatureFlex™ NE is a transparent, heat-sealable biodegradable film suitable for use as a single film for general overwrapping applications on vertical and horizontal form-fill seal machines.  

NE biodegradable films are designed to offer increased moisture barrier for the packing of more hygroscopic foods but the packaging materials are also suitable for microwave and conventional oven reheat applications up to 200ºC for 30 minutes.

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