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Compostable Packaging Films from Tojo Packaging

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NatureFlex™ films from Tojo Packaging are made from renewable resources and use novel heat seal-resins on each side.  

Key advantages of these packaging films include static-free properties, super wide heat seal range for outstanding machine performance, good gas barrier properties and varying degrees of moisture barrier depending on the needs of the wrapped product.

NatureFlex™ NVS packaging films are transparent heat-sealable compostable cellulose films.  

NVS compostable packaging films have been specifically formulated to offer improved stiffness under chill cabinet conditions and a controlled level of moisture permeability with a heat-sealable conversion-friendly coating on both sides. 

Target applications of compostable packaging films include flow packing of fresh produce, window bags and bakery.

NatureFlex™ NP films are transparent non heat-sealable compostable packaging films, which can be used for twist wrap, glued bags and lamination. 

NatureFlex™ films have superb dead-fold characteristics as well as inherent anti-static properties and are certified biodegradable and compostable in accordance with EN 13432 and ASTM D6400 norms.

Key features of the NatureFlex™ range of packaging films include:

  • Based on renewable resources
  • Certified as biodegradable and compostable in all key biodegradation situations (industrial or home composting and wastewater environments)
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • Both sides of the film are equally receptive to inks and adhesives
  • Highly permeable to water vapour with a good barrier to flavours and aromas
  • Anti-static, easy tearing and anti-mist
  • Excellent dead-fold characteristics


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