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Consultancy services from Tolley's Nurseries

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Tolley's Nurseries  offers consultancy services for general horticulture, citriculture, orchard field evaluation, field reports, design, planning and propagation of nurseries. The orchard consultancy services, offered by Tolley's Nurseries, are based on large scale practical experience in a diverse range of tree crops such as stone fruits, citrus, olives and vines.

The consultancy services, offered by Tolley's Nurseries in horticulture and citriculture, comprise of project design, evaluation of drainage, soil type, irrigation design, pest and disease management, tree shaping or pruning, selection of varieties and advice on citrus root stocks.

Consultants from Tolley's Nurseries conduct field evaluations, inspections related to the case and preparation of detailed reports. These consultants also take photographs of the damage and problems faced by farmers. The complaints and problems, covered by Tolley's Nurseries, relate to crop damage by herbicides or sprays, chemical applications or machinery. Tolley's Nurseries offers client assistance in areas such as the evaluation of sites and structures, irrigation, drainage, hygiene, propagation training and so on.

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