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DT-2016 Potting Machines from Transplant Systems

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Transplant Systems  supplies a range of versatile potting machines in single working and double working configurations.

Single working potting machines come with a single pot dispenser while double working potting machines are supplied with a double pot dispenser.

DT-2016 Single Working Potting Machines

A versatile range of potting machines, the single working version is capable of working automatically with pots from 7cm to 23cm.

Key features: 

  • Solid chassis, large 2000L hopper and a 16-station potting ring featuring centralised adjustment
  • User-friendly operation with quick and simple adjustments between different pot sizes
  • Large pneumatic tyres and towing arm
  • Standard accessories include pot dispenser, automatic pot take-off arm and conveyor to suit width and length requirements
  • Works with pots in 7cm - 23cm size range at a maximum output of 4000 pots per hour

DT-2016 Double Working Potting Machines

These potting machines allow two pots to be dispensed per pot position on the turntable. 

  • Can be supplied with a double pot dispenser or two single pot dispensers
  • Double pot dispenser dispenses two pots per position on the potting ring
  • Works with pot sizes in the 9cm - 11cm range at a maximum output of 7000 pots per hour
  • Evacuation arm for double pots
  • Two supply conveyor belts of 2m length
  • Double drill unit

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