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Demtec DT-3016 Potting Machines from Transplant Systems

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Demtec DT-3016 available from Transplant Systems is a range of versatile potting machines designed to work automatically with pots sized from 7cm to 26cm and 26cm to 36cm.

Powered by a 3-phase connection, Demtec-3016 potting machines feature a solid chassis and a large hopper of 3000L capacity.

The machine’s versatility comes from its use of 8-station and 16-station potting rings, both featuring centralised adjustment.

Offering user-friendly operation, the machine allows quick adjustments between different pot sizes. The potting machines come complete with large pneumatic tyres and towing arm.

Standard accessories supplied with the potting machines include pot dispenser, automatic pot take-off arm and conveyor to meet specific requirements of width and length.

Key features of Demtec-3016 potting machines: 

  • Easily adjustable pneumatic double-sided pot dispenser
  • Strong linear pot take-off arm has a smooth action, allowing the pots to be removed from the turntable onto the wide take-off conveyor with little effort or disturbance to the pot
  • Wide exit conveyor with additional rollers underneath supplied as standard to accommodate large pots
  • Soil hopper system prevents soil bridging phenomenon
  • Soil return conveyor totally eliminates overfill of the soil elevator
  • Simplifies bare root potting with the bare root system supplied as standard
  • Bare root system allows pots to be part filled and then topped up after the shrub is placed in the pot
  • Optional accessories include 5m³ or 10m³ static or mobile soil hoppers to feed with extra media if required

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