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HS 144/1 High Speed Automatic Transplanters from Transplant Systems

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Transplant Systems  offers a range of high speed automatic transplanters for seedling planting applications.  

These high speed seedling planters operate independently working one row at a time. If four rows on a bed need to be planted, four machines will be required on a toolbar.  

The high speed automatic transplanters need 12V DC power from the tractor battery and compressed air, normally supplied from a PTO drive compressor mounted on the toolbar.

The seedling planters remove two plants at a time using a specially designed transplanting technique. After each pair of plants is removed, the tray is indexed sideways and downwards to allow all the plants to be removed from the tray.

The next tray is loaded prior to the current tray being emptied, thus maintaining continuity of planting. Plant spacing across the bed is determined by the position of the high speed planter on the toolbar while plant spacing along the bed is governed by the speed of the tractor.  

For instance, if the high speed planter’s typical planting speed is 5000 plants per hour, for a spacing of 200mm the speed of the tractor should be 5000 x 0.20, or 1000m per hour.  

The depth of the plant is adjusted independently on each machine by turning a hand wheel, which controls the height of the ski or wheels.

The high speed transplanters feature a simple robust design and suit a wide range of crops as well as ground conditions. Ski is the standard method of ground closure and other combinations include the use of press wheels.

The high speed seedling planters offer user-friendly operation.

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