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MaxJute fine soil stabilisation mats from TreeMax

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TreeMax  specialise in providing erosion solutions and revegetation products. TreeMax offers soil stabilisation, sediment, geotextiles and weed control products. The products supplied by TreeMax are innovative, biodegradable, organic and made from recycled materials.   

TreeMax is the supplier of a wide range of geotextiles that are designed to support and utilise green treatments. Soil stabilisation, mulching mats, bio-synthetic erosion control matting, biodegradable hessian socks, silt fence are some of the erosion control products offered by TreeMax. These erosion control products are available in brands names such as  ReCover Mat, Straw-Stogg, CoirLog, MaxJute – fine, SiltSock, MaxJute – thick, MaxBio, MaxSyn, SoilSaver, Silt-Worm and Terra-Control. TreeMax provide a wide range of erosion products to control the erosion problems.  

MaxJute fine is a soil stabilisation and mulching mat from Treemax. MaxJute fine is a light grade erosion control jute mat that is suitable for stabilising the topsoil and enhancing the grass establishment. This product can be applied on the seeded areas. This erosion control jute mat protects the top soil and the seed from wind and water erosion. The grass rises through these mats and provides long-term stabilisation. MaxJute fine retains the soil moisture, providing an ideal environment for seed germination. It also helps in minimising the speed of surface water.

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