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Tree anchors, tree-tie materials and fertiliser tablets from TreeMax

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TreeMax  provide landscape and revegetation products. The landscaping products supplied by TreeMax are tested for quality and performance and help farmers to fulfil their agricultural needs. Landscape products from TreeMax include RootWall, tree anchors, tree-tie materials, bird net and support arch. The revegetation products include Treeguard sleeves, water saving products and fertiliser plant nutrition. These are available in brand name such as Max-Mats, MilkGuard and Pottiputki Planter.

Tree anchors from TreeMax are available in two different models like EarthBolt ground anchors and Duckbill anchors. The EarthBolt ground anchor is a galvanised spike that can be hammered into the ground. It is anchored by a three-coiled rod and is quick and easy to install. The tree-tie materials offered by TreeMax are available in a wide range. The Jute tree tie is used with stakes and supports the newly planted trees. The Jute tree tie is made from biodegradable material.

TreeMax offer fertiliser plant nutrition products. The Typhoon controlled release fertiliser tablets are used to measure the dose of nutrients and trace elements. This process of delivering nutrients ensures decreased rate of errors. These controlled release fertiliser tablets when placed correctly, supply nutrients within the moist root zone.

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