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White Suffolk breeds of meat sheep available from Trigger Vale

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Trigger Vale  provides breeding, sales and distribution services for a range of meat sheep breeds including White Suffolk and Bond Merino. Sheep breeders and livestock owners with commercial needs can benefit from the sheep breeding services offered by Trigger Vale. The White Suffolk breeds of meat sheep, reared by Trigger Vale, have high growth and fertility rates. Trigger Vale uses reliable sheep genetic evaluation systems for monitoring the performance standards of its sheep breeds. By organising private sales events, Trigger Vale distributes its distinct breeds of rams, semen and embryos. Trigger Vale carefully selects, unique breeds of sheep for its breeding programmes.

The White Suffolk breeds of meat sheep has trouble free lambing and high conception characteristics. White Suffolk lambs are adaptable to commercial feed lot and rural environmental conditions. Sheep breeders can benefit from the downs type pelts that can be sheared from the White Suffolk sheep. The Bond Merino breeds of dual purpose sheep reared by Trigger Vale have good meat and wool yielding qualities.

The polled and wrinkle free Bond Merino breeds of sheep have remarkable mothering capabilities. Bond Merino sheep yields Merino types of wool.

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