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Agricultural solutions from Trimble Australia

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Trimble Australia  provides guidance products for agriculture that help in undertaking work at night and during low visibility conditions. The guidance products offered by Trimble Australia also help to save time by driving the system faster. The application and seeding products provided by Trimble Australia help farmers to save time and money. These products from Trimble Australia can be fitted to any kind of vehicle such as air seeders, sprayers, planters, drills, spreaders and anhydrous ammonia rigs.

The application and seeding products, offered by Trimble Australia, helps to drop chemicals, seeds and fertilisers, wherever required. Trimble Australia offers laser transmitters such as the LL400 Laser Level, GL400 Series, GL700 Series and HV401-3 Laser. Trimble Australia provides information management products such as the AgGPS EZ-Map software, EZ-Office software, AgGPS MultiPlane software and Agriculture Manager asset management solution.

Trimble Australia also provides portable devices such as the Lassen DR+GPS, Copernicus GPS Receiver, OEM GPS Antennas and BD960, to mention a few. Trimble Australia provides mapping and GIS products including the GPS receivers, reference stations, field computer with GPS, field computers and virtual reference station.

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