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Load sensors and accessories available from Tru-Test

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Tru-Test  manufactures an extensive range of electronic livestock weighing equipment including indicators, load sensors, aluminium cattle platforms and accessories. The electronic weighing products supplied by Tru-Test are tested for quality and efficiency. Tru-Test also sources a complete range of electronic fencing products and accessories supplied by renowned manufacturers. Some of the brands represented by Tru-Test include Clipmaster Junior, Clipmaster Pro, Marathon, Shearmaster Pro, Supershear and TalliMaster. The weighing platforms manufactured by Tru-Test are available in durable designs. The electronic weighing equipment and accessories supplied by Tru-Test are available in a range of models and designs.

Tru-Test offers design, development and installation and support services for a range of software tools that helps in automating the livestock management operations. Tru-Test offers operational training, support, maintenance and up gradation services to its clients with automatic farm control and management needs. The load sensors manufactured by Tru-Test can be used for recording the weight gains and carcass weight values of livestock. Using advanced design and manufacturing strategies offers supply services for a range of electronic animal weighing systems and accessories.

The load sensors designed by Tru-Test are easy to use. The weight signals from the load sensors can be recorded in a personal computer using the livestock weighing software tools developed by Tru-Test.

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