Trufab Farm Machinery

Trufab is the continuation of a family business, which commenced in 1962, engaged in mechanical and general steel fabrication. In 2007 it was decided to continue under the name of Trufab Farm Machinery with Grain King grain handling equipment.

Trufab Farm Machinery supply Chaser Bins, Seed Bins, Super Chaser Bins and large mobile Field Bins in Western Australia.


Supplier news
28/08/12 - By taking a number of simple precautions when using your agricultural machinery, the incidence of bush fires and spot fires can be dramatically reduced.
Supplier news
13/02/12 - Trufab Farm Machinery will be at this year’s Wagin Woolorama Field Days, one of Australia's largest and most impressive agricultural expos.
Supplier news
22/06/11 - Trufab Farm Machinery supplies a wide range of chaser bins that are available in 18, 25, 30, 40 and 45 tonnes capacities.
Supplier news
10/03/11 - Chaser bins allow for an improved planning and management of harvester operations away from trucks and field bins while increasing harvesting rate and capacity.

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