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Square/Round Bale Feeder from Truline Post Driver

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article image Square/round bale feeders

Square/round bale feeders have a full chassis construction of 6mm RHS and plate. They are available as a four hose machine or a two hose machine with diverter valve and feature polyurethane wheel guards, which tip up at second stage to prevent build up.

Square/round bale feeders have a chamber size, suitable for all standard hay and silage bales, both square and round. They feature high tensile spikes hinged at the base and an adjustable tow hitch to suit all tractors. In addition, a parking jack comes as standard and they have a recycle bin for disposal of used baling twine.

Specifications of Square/round bale feeders: 

  • Weight - 1070 kg.
  • Drive - low speed high torque motors
  • Wheel equipment - 11L 15" agricultural wheels & 1.5 tonne stub axles
  • Drive chain - 3" heavy duty roller chain
  • Transport width - 2.240m
  • Operating width - 2.970m    
Square/round bale feeders are available from Truline Post Drivers .

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