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Agricultural operations at Twynam Group

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Twynam Group  operates its agricultural units in 13 properties, in a total of 400,000 hectares. A few agricultural operations include cotton, rice, wheat, pulse, wool, beef and oilseeds. Twynam Group provides internal support to the local and industry research programmes through on-farm demonstrations.

The production statistics of Twynam Group, in terms of agricultural operations include 45,000 hectares producing over 100,000 tonnes of wheat, 5,000 irrigated hectares producing 45,000 tonnes of rice, 18,000 Angus and Hereford breeders within a total herd of 35,000 head for beef, 55,000 Merino ewes, within a total flock of 170,000 sheep to produce 6,000 bales of wool, 25,000 irrigated hectares producing 200,000 bales of cotton. Twynam Group has a licensed capacity of 18,000 heads of feedlotting.

The commercial herd at Twynam Group is predominantly Angus. As for its herd bulls, they are sourced from the 500 head Angus Stud based at Jemalong in central New South Wales. Twynam Group uses Angus Breedplan data and feedlot feedback. These Angus are healthy as they have good eye muscle and marbling. Approximately 5,000 steers will be traded by Twynam Group each year.

Currently, Twynam Group has increased its Wagyu breeding programme that can produce over 2,000 first cross Wagyu calves for international beef markets. A few first cross calves are exported live to Japan. Twynam Group operates a large breeding herd that includes Boolcarrol, Buttabone, Collymongle, Gundaline, Jemalong, Mungadal and Steam Plains.

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