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Agricultural training services offered by Uardry Dohne

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Uardry Dohne  offers agricultural training services to young individuals interested in gaining practical knowledge in different sheep rearing, breeding and management skills. The Jackaroo training programmes organised by Uardry Dohne is recognised by the Department of Education and Training. The Jackaroo training programme is a 2 year certification course designed by Uardry Dohne. On successful completion of the training programme, students are rewarded with specialised certificates in Agricultural Skills. Sheep breeders with skill enhancement and refinement needs can also benefit from the training services offered by Uardry Dohne.

Other specialised training services offered by Uardry Dohne include courses in Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid, Servicing Windmills, Chainsaw Operation, Working Dog training, Small Motor Maintenance and Chemicals. With over 100 years of experience in the sheep husbandry industry, Uardry Dohne offers reliable and efficient training services to its students. Through the Jackaroo training programmes, students get practical training and knowledge in shearing, operating farm equipment, lamb marking, flood irrigation, sheep classing, fencing and vehicle, machinery maintenance and yard works.

The educational and training services offered by Uardry Dohne help young individuals in establishing a carrier in the sheep and wool industry.

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