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Wool marketing services offered by Uardry Dohne

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Uardry Dohne  provides wool marketing and distribution services to commercial wool processors. The Merino is a sheep breed reared by Uardry Dohne that has quality wool yield capabilities. The quality of wool can be characterised by its staple length, colour and fibre diameter. Through independent testing techniques, Uardry Dohne maintains quality records of the sheared wool. Uardry Dohne produces 700 to 1200 bales of medium micron wool every year. Using innovative packaging and distribution strategies, Uardry Dohne efficiently distributes its wool bales.

The Merino breeds of sheep, reared by Uardry Dohne, have long stapled and heavy cutting fleece yield qualities. Through traditional development techniques, Uardry Dohne offers sales and distribution services for quality breeds of sheep suitable for the commercial meat and wool markets. The dual purpose Sims Uardry breeds of sheep, bred by Uardry Dohne, have good meat and wool yield capabilities.

Sims Uardry sheep are fertile, plain-bodied and can be reared under commercial feedlot conditions. Uardry Dohne maintains breed history and micron test results of each of its sheep breed.

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