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Chemical and dust filters available from Ultrasafe Products

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Ultrasafe Products  designs and manufactures an extensive range of chemical and dust filters, suitable for removing toxic gas and dust from the air conditioning systems in farm support trucks and tractors. The dust and chemical filters, distributed by Ultrasafe Products, can also be fitted to earth moving equipment, headers, tractors, air-conditioned cabs and mining equipment. Dust filters come with three stage filtration systems including particulate foam pads, high capacity filter media pads and final stage filter media pads. Ultrasafe dust filters are available with aluminium frames.

The foam pads of the dust filters can be easily cleaned and maintained. Ultrasafe Products offers reconditioning services for cleaning seals, pink filter medias, foam dust pads and carbon filters. Ultrasafe Products supplies its chemical and dust filters with self support training kits that provide operational and cleaning information to the operators. The chemical and dust filters supplied by Ultrasafe Products are available in a range of models.

Ultrasafe Products also offers sales and distribution services for a range of weighing equipment and agricultural support equipment and tools. The Minibatt range of farm support tools, supplied by Ultrasafe Products, can be used for sampling and measuring the quality of cereals.

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