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Clean air systems and silo level indicators from Ultrasafe Products

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Ultrasafe Products  distributes an extensive range of chemical filters, clean air systems, silo level indicators, weighing equipment and dust filters suitable for agricultural process control and management applications. The chemical and dust filers, distributed by Ultrasafe Products, can be used for environmental safety control and management applications. Through continuous research and development procedures, Ultrasafe Products offers design and manufacturing services for a range of detoxifying filters. The detoxifying filters manufactured by Ultrasafe Products exceed the quality standards set by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.

Spraying equipment operators and farmers using tractor cabs can benefit from the clean air systems developed by Ultrasafe Products. Clean air systems comes in cylindrical body housings with fan, hose clamps and carbon filters. The clean air systems manufactured by Ultrasafe Products are available in window cutout and direct cab mounting models. The silo level alert systems supplied by Ultrasafe Products can be used for automatically measuring the level of grains, coal, wood chips or food products in silos.

The silo level alert systems can be operated using a computer and level sensors. Ultrasafe Products offers installation and operational support services to its clients with distinct material management requirements.

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