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Hydrated lime products available from Unimin Australia

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Unimin Australia  distributes an extensive range of lime and limestone products including hydrated lime, quick lime, silica, feldspar, dolomite and magnetite. The lime and limestone products, supplied by Unimin Australia, are suitable for sewage treatment, paper manufacturing, leather tanning, industrial waste water treatment, building construction and agricultural applications. Unimin Australia stocks a complete range of minerals and raw materials sourced from different plants around Australia. Hydrated lime is prepared by reacting quicklime with water. Lime can be used for manufacturing lime silica bricks, laying bricks and building board and insulation materials.

By mixing lime to mortar, the bricklaying process can be quickened and cracking of the walls can be prevented. The use of lime in concrete mixtures helps in preventing segregation and boney exterior appearance of buildings. Lime can be added to plaster mixtures for protecting the roof from cracking and shrinkage. Through innovative packaging and distribution techniques, Unimin Australia efficiently distributes its lime and limestone products.

The lime and limestone products, distributed by Unimin Australia, can be used for metal extraction and processing, steel purifying and aluminium manufacturing applications.

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