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Bender and DropScan models irrigate hectares of land

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article image DropSpan irrigation on corn

Valley Irrigations Bender or DropSpan models irrigate additional hectares for a low investment.

The Bender30 and Bender 160 models both have the ability to bend any drive unit and the grower cn dodge tree lines, feed lots or other obstacles allowing for the land to be irrigated at it’s maximum potential.

Both models have versatile options available and can be used on different towers of the same centre pivot. Bending in either or both directions, the Bender30 utilises existing structural components which makes it easy to retrofit.  The Bender160 utilises custom structural components and also has an integrated end gun and auxiliary control for bending mode.

The Valley DropSpan is similar to the Benders so it too can maximise hectares without having to purchase more land. The outer spans of the pivot can be dropped from the machine so the growers can pick up additional hectares that are adjacent to large obstacles at the edge of the field.

In less than 15 minutes, the spans can be dropped or reattached by one person, without the need of tools. The DropSpan has a simple winch and batten leg system that can drop and reattach outer spans. No re-wiring is needed as the simple electrical connector manages span cable and control logic.  

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