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Valmont provides guidance to growers with mechanized irrigation in order to invest in the world's future

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Valmont continues to invest in the world’s future by not only manufacturing mechanized precision irrigation machines, but also by providing guidance to growers in their farming operations. 

By supplying top-of-the-line mechanized irrigation equipment and resources, Valmont strives to fully integrate Valley center pivots and linear machines with crop production and management processes. This relationship will allow growers with mechanized irrigation to better utilize available water, maximize their profits, and expand production into new crops.

To fully achieve this goal, Valmont has recently welcomed two PhD level agronomists: Dr. Germani Concenco and Dr. Ai-guo Liu. Both gentlemen have extensive experience in crop production, and will focus their efforts on providing growers, dealers, agents, consultants, and Valley personnel the most effective methods of crop production and water conservation when using mechanized irrigation.

Dr. Concenco currently assists Valmont in the development of processes to grow rice under mechanized irrigation, which typically uses 50% or less water than traditional irrigation methods. With his extensive research in areas such as rice varieties, and weed, pest, and disease control, Valmont will be able to help rice growers maintain yields and gain profitability as they convert their irrigation methods from flood to mechanized.

“Even after we have the documentation proving that growers can successfully produce rice under center pivots and linears, it will be necessary to make constant improvements and adjustments to the process to ensure yield consistency,” states Dr. Concenco. “With Valmont, I aim to improve rice yields, conserve soil fertility, and address weed resistance to herbicides. With this project, I strive to conserve water and contribute to global food security.”

Dr. Liu presently contributes his knowledge and experience to the Ordos Model Farm project in Ordos, China, which is a cooperative effort between the Ordos government, the Inner Mongolia Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, and Valmont Industries, Inc. This collaboration has striven to establish a location where Chinese growers can be educated and trained on modern irrigated agriculture technology in order to conserve water, improve yields, and increase profitability. Throughout this project, Dr. Liu will provide technical support for the production of field crops on the Model Farm. He will also manage Valmont’s efforts, serving as liaison to others working on the project.

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