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N Series tractors from Valtra Tractors

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Finland based Valtra Tractors manufactures a comprehensive range of tractors that are built to specifications from each and every customer. Valtra Tractors’ clients can choose every component of their tractors right from the tractor colour to the engine power. Various models of tractors are manufactured by Valtra Tractors including the T Series, N Series, and A Series.

All primary modules of the N Series tractors including the engine, transmission, chassis, rear axle, hydraulics, and powertrain are designed and constructed in-house. The horsepower range of these tractors is 88-160 hp. The long wheelbase of N Series tractors render them effective for front loader operations.

N Series tractors are powered by four cylinder SisuDiesel engines. These engines are durable, cost effective, fuel efficient and have good cold-start properties. Advance model N Series tractors are fitted with Common Rail engines that are built to EU stage 3A and EPA Tier III emissions standards. Like the T Series models, the N Series tractors also have the options of mechanical and electronic transmission and hydraulics controls.

N Series cabs are designed with large doors with adjustable opening, strong grab handles and a flat cab floor. The spacious cabs are fitted with tinted windows to provide better visibility and with seats that can rotate 180 degrees to enhance safety.

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