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Valtra Tractors’ products for vineyard and orchard industries

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Valtra Tractors is an international tractor manufacturing firm from Finland. A range of tractors to suit the requirements of different activities such as agricultural, forestry, cattle, and municipal work are produced by Valtra Tractors. All these tractors are designed to customer specifications and some customers even choose to visit Valtra Tractors’ factories to witness the construction of their tractors.

The small, light and easy to manoeuvre A Series tractors from Valtra Tractors are suitable for crop farms, cattle yards, municipal work and forestry activities. They are available in the horsepower range of 74 hp to 98 hp. The A Series tractors are powered by Tier 3 compatible SisuDiesel engines.

Valtra Tractors have constructed the A Series tractors with a unique chassis wherein the fuel tank works as a midframe and protects the drive to the front axle. These tractors are suitable for hot climates and the open cab models are easy to operate in low spaces.

Valtra Tractors manufactures light and compact tractors as well as tractors for vineyards, orchards and coffee estates. These tractors are grouped under the 3000 Series category. The compact and orchard tractors come in the power range of 52 to 76 hp whereas the vineyard tractors are available in the range of 60-76 hp. The vineyard and orchard tractors are fitted with a foldable U-bar ROPS at the centre of the tractor whereas the compact tractors have the unit at the rear.

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