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Veteran C

Veteran C Seed Dressing Flowable Fungicide
Crop Care's Veteran C Seed Dressing Flowable is designed as a treatment for cereals in order to protect them from smuts, bunt and insect pests in stored grain. Can be used for:
  • Crop Protection
  • Grain Protection
Features of Veteran C Seed Dressing Flowable Fungicides
  • Veteran C Seed Dressing Flowable contains Flutriafol 25g/L and Cypermethrin 4g/L
  • Veteran C can be applied neat at 100mL per 100kg of seed or it can be diluted with up to 500mL of water per 100kg of seed
  • Seed may be treated with Veteran C Seed Dessing at any time from harvesting to sowing
  • Treated seed can be held over for sowing the next season 
What are the Benefits of Using Veteran C Seed Dressing Flowable Fungicide?
Veteran C Seed Dressing treats barley, oats, wheat and triticale against smuts and bunt as well as providing protection of stored grain from insect pests.
  • Wheat is protected from Bunt, Loose smut, Seedborne flag smut and Soilborne flag smat
  • Barley and Oats are defended from Covered smut and Loose smut
  • Triticale has protection from Loose smut
  • Both wheat, barley, oats and triticale are protected from inspect pests such as the Lesser grain borer, Granary weevil, Rice Weevil, Rust red flour beetle, Saw toothed grain beetle and the Tropical warehouse moth 

If you require further information on this product please contact Crop Care today or visit the website.

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