Efficient lamb marking solution

Versatile applications reduces lamb stress Innovative straight rollers and V shape make Vetmarker safe and efficient Award winning animal handling design with Weigh Vetmarker Gentle lamb handling with efficient weighing functionality Rapid with sensitive movement of lambs is ensured with Vetmarker leading design

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Lamb Vetmarkers, Weigh Vetmarker

The Vetmarker is a lamb-marking chute that releases lambs onto their feet after earmarking, vaccinating, castration, scabine injection and drenching.

The straight rollers, in a deep V shape, help prevent the lambs from escaping or getting their legs stuck. 

Lambs can also be automatically sprayed for flystrike protection on release.

A sensitive and reliable solution for agricultural lamb marking

  • Simple yet safe straight spring loaded roller design keeps lambs calm during process
  • Adjustable height and transportable with two people for operational ease
  • Innovative base automatically ejects flystrike if required for efficiency
  • Suitable for a variety of lamb sizes ensure the animals land on their feet safely
  • Easy to install for immediate use

Accessible from either side of the chute Vetmarker offers a number of applications:

  • Ear marking and tagging
  • Drench and castrating
  • Scabine vaccination and injections
  • Spray for flystrike

Award-winning Weigh Vet Marker effectively weighs lambs at marking

  • Highly developed to accurately weigh and mark lambs with compromising time and handling
  • Integrated with self-lock on the top rail of lamb catching pen
  • Designed with Iconix Load Cells with leads compatible with Tru-Test and Gallagher indicators
  • Simple installation only requiring Iconix Load Cells to be configured to indicators once
  • Automatic weighing when lambs are loaded for ease and speed
  • After weighing, lamb continues down Vetmarker chute to complete other marking procedures

Improving processing productivity, Vetmarkers intelligent chute and Weigh Vetmarker allow you to handle your lambs with reliability and ease.

Vetmarker Lamb Docking Contractor
Vetmarker Lamb Docking Contractor Vetmarker Lamb Marker Chute
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