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Ground power units available at Vibrotech Aviation

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Vibrotech Aviation  distribute Ultrasport helicopters, ACES’ vibration equipment and Powervamp ground power units. Heliport lighting equipment, special batteries, inverters, power supplies, and portable landing lightings are supplied by Vibrotech Aviation. These instruments are suitable for various industries such as aviation and marine.

Powervamp manufactures premier portable ground power units suitable for jet turbine starting. Portable starting packs designed for gasoline and diesel engines are also available. CoolSpool 17 is a portable mini ground power unit from Powervamp which can be used as an emergency starting ground power unit for light/medium turbine helicopters and piston aircrafts. It has a cell capacity of17 amp/hr. Some of the important features of this instrument include anti-magnetic alloy casing, in-built mini charger with status display LED monitor, padded jacket, and a port for connecting external power sources.

CoolSpool 29 is another type of light weight ground power unit with a cell capacity of 29 amp/hr. This instrument provides quicker spool-up performance, cooler starts and speedy, positive response to system operations. Solid state digital voltmeter, watchdog timer for battery protection, sliding safety cover made of stainless steel, and in-built mini charger are some of the salient features of this instrument. The casing of this unit is made of powder coated light alloy accompanied by neoprene shock-absorbing feet. CoolSpool 52, with a cell capacity of 52 amp/hr, is meant for starting huge turboprop and turbofan engines.

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