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Helicopters supplied by Vibrotech Aviation

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Vibrotech Aviation , also traded as TEC, supply aviation equipment, service and training. Vibrotech Aviation distribute US made Ultrasport helicopters in Australia. Vibration equipment from ACES Systems and ground power units from Powervamp are also available at Vibrotech Aviation.

Ultrasport helicopters were first designed and tested in 1993. These helicopters are light weight and cost effective. Innovative composite technique is combined with modern forging and casting techniques to create Ultrasport helicopters. Standard aerospace metal components made of 80% aluminium, 5% titanium, and 15% stainless steel are used to build the drivetrain and control systems.

Ultrasport helicopters have been subjected to stringent quality assurance tests, such as fatigue and destructive testing, to ascertain their safety levels. Powerful rotor system used in these helicopters produces 14 lbs of lift for every horsepower and makes the Ultrasport helicopters as the best available autorotating sport helicopter.

Ultrasport has used an innovative weight distribution technique, different from traditional helicopters, to achieve its goal of making light weight, safe and economical helicopter. By this technique, the engine becomes the heaviest component of the helicopter. It weighs 75 pounds, which is 30% of the empty weight of the helicopter.

American Sportscopter design the Ultrasport series of helicopters. Single and two seat helicopters are being manufactured by American Sportscopter. Apart from sports and educational activities, these helicopters are used for agricultural spraying, wildlife tracking, animal mustering, fishing fleet observation and police surveillance.

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