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Vibration equipment and components from Vibrotech Aviation

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Vibrotech Aviation  are aviation equipment suppliers based in Nowra, New South Wales. Light weight helicopters and ground power units are also supplied by Vibrotech Aviation.

Vibration equipment manufactured by ACES Systems are available at Vibrotech Aviation. ACES Systems produce an array of aviation diagnostic equipment that are known for their efficiency and affordability. These equipment analyse the performance of the various systems and components of an aircraft.

Viper 4040 is a vibration and performance analyser that evaluates high-end engine vibration, propeller balance, acoustic functioning, fan trim balance, and rotor track and balance. Viper 4040 is adaptable to any engine model or airframe. Model 2020 ProBalancer Analyzer studies twin engine balance, engine vibration, propeller balance, and rotor track and balance.

Model 2015 ProBalancer is an economical version of Model 2000 Series ProBalancer analysers. This instrument can execute rotor balancing, propeller balancing and engine vibration study. Model 540-2 Optical Tracker is a simple, easy to use instrument that provides accurate and speedy rotor blade tracking. ACES systems also produce a software offering called AvTrend that can be used with some of its products.

Optical speed sensor called Lasetech II is also available from Vibrotech Aviation. The sensor provides reliable information both in industrial and outdoor light. Instruments to measure many other aspects such as engine speed, inlet guide vane angle, and engine performance are also available.

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