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Fixing farm fences with Vicebite stay brackets

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Farm fencing is always going to be part of farm life. Cattle, horses, cropping, vineyards or vegetables in most cases will need some sort of fencing but in all cases this fencing might as well do the job well.   

But does it have to be hard work or expensive?  It shouldn’t have to be but a lot of it will come down to good design, good materials and good workmanship. Anyone with a farm fencing project coming up, whether small or large, can use ViceBite stay brackets to help make the job a bit easier without making it harder or more complicated.        

Vicebite stay bracket works because it has unique teeth that bite into the timber. They work like super nails but from both directions of the end assembly. Vicebite stay brackets can be used in a box or H assembly, angled end assembly or even in post and rail fencing.   

Because the Vicebite stay brackets don’t penetrate right through the post, the integrity of the timber is maintained and the timber treatment (creosote) does the job it is intended to do.  Notching is a thing of the past with Vicebite stay brackets.    

So fixing farm fences doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Vicebite brackets can help make fxing farm fencing an easy task.

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