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The Victorian Chemical Company is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty agricultural and industrial oleo-chemicals. Established in 1933 near the centre of Melbourne, Australia, the company has built a world-wide reputation for the design and production of customised products. In the early years, Victorian Chemicals concentrated on serving the textile and tanning industries that were booming in the inner city. Victorian Chemicals remains committed ... + View more


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16/11/09 - Trump Spray Oil from the Victorian Chemical Company is a blend of refined paraffinic oil and non-ionic surfactancts that is suitable for pest management in a range of crops.
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09/11/09 - Hasten Spray Adjuvant from the Victorian Chemical Company is based on Ethylated Canola Oil and a unique blend of non-ionic surfactants and is used to improve the performance of a variety of agricultural products.
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02/11/09 - Hitman Soap Insecticide from the Victorian Chemical Company contains potassium salts of fatty acids that are derived from natural oils and are known to be active against soft bodied insects and mites.
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26/08/08 - Victorian Chemicals manufactures chemicals which are used across industries such as animal husbandry, agriculture, textile, and construction.
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Victorian Chemical Company (Head office) Update these details
83 Maffra St
VIC 3048
Tel: 03 9301 7000
Fax: 03 9309 7966

Victorian Chemical Company Brands

Ad-Here Bloat Pasture Spray Bloat-Drench Bloat-Rid Bollster Deluge Empower Envoy GALA Hasten Hasten™ Hitman Hot-Up Hot-Up™ Nexus Tracker Trump Vicol Voullaires

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