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Emulsifying esters and sulphonated oils from Victorian Chemicals

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Victorian Chemicals  manufactures chemicals which are used across industries such as animal husbandry, agriculture, textile, and construction. These chemicals are formulated, predominantly, with derivatives from natural oils and hence they are bio degradable, less toxic and more efficient. Apart from manufacturing chemicals, Victorian Chemicals offers many services to the chemical industry such as blending operations and toll manufacturing.

Victorian chemicals produces an array of fatty and emulsifying esters such as Esterol 111 - methyl Cocoate, Esterol 112 - methyl oleate, Esterol 112LA - methyl oleate (low acid), Esterol 116 - mixed methyl Esters, Esterol 127 - ethyl ricinoleate, Esterol 181- iso-octyl oleate, Esterol 232 - diethylene glycol mono oleate, Esterol 221 - PEG 200 mono oleate, Esterol 272 - glycerol mono oleate, and Esterol 307 - sorbitan mono oleate. Most of these chemicals are non-ionic surfactants obtained from natural fatty acids and they can be used across industries.

A range of sulphonated oils and esters are manufactured by Victorian Chemicals. These include Auropol 318 - sulphonated methyl oleate, Auropol 341 - sulphonated butyl oleate, Auropol 412 - sulphonated castor oil, Auropol 421 - sulphonated neatsfoot oil, Auropol 438 - sulphonated oleine, Auropol 446 - sulphonated canola oil, and Auropol 458 - sulphonated tallow.

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