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Industrial chemicals manufactured by Victorian Chemicals

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Victorian Chemicals  manufactures a range of industrial and agricultural products based on oleo chemicals. Derivatives of vegetables oils and fats are known as oleo chemicals. Victorian Chemicals uses a blend of oleo chemicals, alcohols and amines in its products. These chemicals are eco friendly and do not cause any damage to the user or the environment.

Victorian Chemicals produces many chemicals based on amides. These include Bio-Dispersol degreaser, Vicamid 528 – Coconut Diethanolamide, Vicchem 975 – glycerine, and Vilube 626 – Textile lubricant. Dispersol Lite A, Dispersol Lite Regular, and Dispersol Standard 96 are emulsion degreasers which are formulated by a combination of solvents and surfactants. Bio-Dispersol degreaser is a heavy duty chemical which includes less toxic chemicals than other industrial degreasers.

Detach bio-release agent is a mould release agent that is highly suitable for the roof tile and concrete precast industries. Unisol 516 is a wetting agent and it includes dispersion and emulsification qualities. Vicamid 528 and 825 are made from natural oils and they have anti-corrosive and lubricating properties.

Liquid potassium soap solutions such as Vicchem 598 - Potassium Cocoate / Oleate soap and Vicchem 294 Potassium Oleate soap are also available. The water based surfactant and oil product Vilube 626, is highly useful for synthetic textile products.

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