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Spray adjuvants, drying oils, spray oils and insecticides from Victorian Chemicals

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Victorian Chemicals  is a Melbourne based chemical company that specialises in agricultural and industrial oleo chemicals. Products developed by Victorian chemicals include bloat control products for cattle, adjuvants for Broadacre applications, and insecticidal spray oils. Many of the agricultural products from Victorian Chemicals such as Hitman soap insecticide, Deluge 1000 wetting agent, and Nexus spray adjuvants are organic certified.

Adjuvant is a material that enhances the performance of an active ingredient. It can be added to the active ingredient either during the formulation of the product or at the spraying stage. Victorian Chemicals produces these adjuvants to ISO 9002 standards.

A range of eco friendly spray adjuvants are available from Victorian Chemicals. These include A-Lure spray adjuvant, Ad-Here spray adjuvant, Deluge 1000 wetting agent, Tracker foam marker, and Hasten spray adjuvant. Buffering agents, non-ionic surfactants, refined oil, cotton seed oils and ethylated canola oil are some of the main ingredients of these adjuvants

Hasten spray adjuvant is one of the premier products of Victorian Chemicals that is marketed worldwide. This adjuvant is a combination of ethylated canola oil and non-ionic surfactants. It is used along with many herbicides, insecticides, desiccants, and defoliants to boost their performances.

In the insecticides, and spray and drying oils category, Victorian Chemicals offers the following products: Hitman soap insecticides, Trump spray oil, Vicol winter oil, Vicol summer oil and Voullaire’s EE-MULS-OYLE. Hitman soap insecticide is made of potassium salts found in fatty acids, which are obtained from natural oil. This is highly effective against soft bodied mites and insects. Trump Spray oil is a combination of praffinic oils and non ionic surfactants and is used to control pests in an array of crops. Voullaire’s EE-MULS-OYLE is used to dry fruits such as grapes.

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