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Hay and silage equipment from Vin Rowe Farm Machinery

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Vin Rowe Farm Machinery  supplies a range of imported farm equipment including mowers, tractors, potato planters, and harvesters. A variety of imported hay and silage equipment manufactured by companies such as Kuhn, Conor, and Agnronic are also available with Vin Rowe Farm Machinery.

Agronic 1022 model bale wrappers are suitable for all requirements. They can be fitted at the back of a tractor or in-line with a baler. These high output machines are adept at wrapping on slopes. TKS bale strip T1 removes plastic and netting found in round bales. This machine can handle round bales of grass, hay and straw with a diameter range of 1000-1600 mm.

Vin Rowe Farm Machinery supplies mowers, mower conditioners, tedders and rakes manufactured by Khun. Various types of bale wrappers from Conor are also available. The Combi Inline 9800 wrapper from Conor is a fully automatic, single man operation system. This machine works in tandem with the baler so that baling and wrapping can take place simultaneously. The Conor 9700 trailed bale wrappers series includes electronic as well as manually operated bale wrappers. These strong but simple machines are built to withstand the taxing process of bale wrapping.

A range of skid steer loaders, including the compact 3640E and the heavy 7810E, manufactured by Gehl are offered at Vin Rowe Farm Machinery. The load rate of the 7810E model is 1747 kg and it can travel at a speed of 20 kph. Break force of this loader is 3800 kg.

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