Vine Nets Australia

Vine Nets Australia are Bird Netting specialist providing quality throwover crop protection for Vineyards and Orchads


Supplier news
26/08/08 - Vine Nets Australia is an anti-bird net manufacturer based in Augusta, Western Australia. Nets from Vine Nets Australia are made from quality UV additives and polyethylene.
Supplier news
25/08/08 - Vine Nets Australia manufactures different types of nets to protect vineyards form birds. These nets are easy to apply and are available in various dimensions to suit every kind of field.
Supplier news
22/08/08 - Vine Nets Australia produces premier anti-bird nets for viticulture industry. A variety of nets are manufactured by Vine Nets Australia to meet different requirements. High quality UV stabilisers and polyethylene are used to produce these nets.

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Vine Nets Australia (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 291
WA 6290
Tel: 1800 677 757
Fax: 08 9758 1175

Vine Nets Australia Brands

Econo Hex 28 Premium Hex 33 Premium Hex 40 Premium Plus 45 Vine Nets

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