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Agricultural and horticultural sprayers from Vineyard Engineering

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Vineyard Engineering  manufacture a range of sprayers for agriculture and horticulture industries. Marketed under the brand name of “Uniboom”, these sprayers are built to customer specifications. Different types of sprayers such as trailed sprayers, tray mounted sprayers, nursery trolley sprayers, and detachable boom kits are available from Uniboom.

Vineyard Engineering manufacture an array of trailed sprayers that can be custom built to specific requirements. Uniboom trailed sprayers can be categorised into four groups namely 12 volt, PTO or engine drive, Basic series, and Professional series. The capacity rate of these sprayers ranges from 100 litres to 4400 litres. Gooseneck configuration models are available in the Professional series. A broad range of associated components such as pumps, controllers, booms, and hosereels are also available.

Vineyard Engineering market three series of linkage sprayers namely Mini series, Pro series and Basic series. These sprayers are available at capacities ranging from 200 litres to 1000 litres. Tray mount sprayers with a capacity of 1200 litres and 800/1000 litres are also on offer. Detachable boom kits designed for engine drive units with mounting kits and 12 volt spot sprayers are available.

Nursery trolley sprays meant for smaller areas are also produced by Vineyard Engineering. These sprayers are built to handle 200-300 litres of solution. Easily towable, these sprayers can also be operated by hand.

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