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Virbac (Australia) Pty Ltd is a specialist animal health company with its core business in sheep and cattle products, veterinary pharmaceuticals, a wide range of petcare products for dogs and cats, plus a broad range of products for horses.


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09/07/13 - Virbac Animal Health recommends proper management of worms in working dogs to ensure peak performance in protecting livestock.
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10/08/12 - One of the most significant advancements in animal health in the past 25 years can be traced to a 1983 discovery on a golf course in Victoria’s Mallee region.
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27/06/12 - Multimin from Virbac Animal Health can improve the effectiveness of vaccines in cattle, according to a study conducted in the USA.
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24/05/12 - Virbac Animal Health offers a long acting solution for worm control in sheep to prevent infestations from impacting the fast-growing lamb industry.
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361 Horsley Road
NSW 2214
Tel: 02 9772 9772
Fax: 02 9772 9773

Virbac Animal Health Brands

Alben Arrest Easy-Dose Aseptol Blud Bovicare Cal-Plus Cetrigen Clasicomb Closicare Combat SE Cypercare Dermcusal Dermo-Dip Diarrest Duocare Dynadeine Equimax Equiminth Eraquell FBC Bloodfood Fencare Feramo-H First Drench First Mectindrench Firstmectin SE Fleececare Flukamec Flukare Flukazole Flyaway Flystrike Founderguard Hemo15 Hepargine Humidmix Hy-B12 IGR Pour-on Ironcyden Jet Dip Karma Kof Kontrol Levamisole Maxi-Iodine Maxi-min Megablud Megavite-B Mulesing Neutradex Old Timer's Ovastim Oxfen Oximinth Panacur Pulse-8 Rapigel Rapi-lyte Recharge Revalor™ RotaFLUKE Selpor Septicide Stop Crib Strategy-T Stressalyte Taktic Virbamec Virbazine White-E

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