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Virbac Multimin mineral shots boost immunity following vaccination

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article image Virbac’s Multimin can increase the effectiveness of vaccines, according to a new study from the USA

Multimin from Virbac Animal Health  can improve the effectiveness of vaccines in cattle, according to a study conducted in the USA.  

The trial conducted at the University of Florida indicates that adding a mineral shot when vaccinating cattle can actually increase the vaccine’s efficacy.  

According to Virbac Marketing Manager – Retail, Anthony Preshaw, many livestock producers in Australia use supplemental minerals to boost their cattle’s diets but feed-based supplements cannot provide the assurance of correct dosage of minerals.  

Vaccination can cause a decrease in trace minerals in the cattle’s blood because some trace elements play a part in the biological processes that happen afterwards. Supplementation with trace minerals can prevent this decline, ensuring that adequate trace minerals are still available for important functions such as reproduction and growth.  

The trial involved measuring the immune response after the cattle received a concurrent treatment of Virbac’s Multimin and a modified live virus vaccine. Trial data indicated that administering Multimin and the vaccine at the same time significantly increased the production of neutralising antibodies.  

The statistically significant increase in antibodies was present as early as 14 days after the vaccination and Multimin administration, helping to limit disease progression in part by inhibiting the attachment of the virus to host cells.  

Anthony explains that injectable trace minerals can ensure every animal gets the right dose. While the importance of trace minerals on the healthy functioning of the immune system is understood, the research proves that a trace mineral supplement is definitely helpful at vaccination time.  

Multimin is an injectable source of zinc, manganese, copper and selenium, which are essential trace minerals for reproduction, immunity and growth. Being an aqueous formulation, Multimin minimises injection site pain and reactions.

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