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Virbamec Oral Abamectin from Virbac Animal Health ‘the Most Potent Short Duration Product on the Market’

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A number of vets have established specialist internal parasite and drench resistance testing facilities to fill the void left by the downsizing of State Government agencies. These country veterinarians are in the front line in the ongoing effort to keep one step ahead of the worm scourge.

Their services are used by other vets and consultants around the nation. Ideally placed to appreciate the production dilemmas posed by high worm burdens and increasing drench resistance levels, vets can also interpret and advise clients on the findings from worm and faecal egg count investigations.

David Rendell veterinarian and proprietor of D Rendell & Assoc Worm Egg Monitoring Service, Hamilton, Victoria, expects the drench resistance issue to escalate.

“The majority of south-west Victoria farmers have emerging resistance to ML drug products, so that means farmers have got to manage available chemicals very carefully and keys to that is testing for resistance and managing refugia.

“Managing refugia means leaving enough undrenched worms on the farm to slow down resistance selection, but not too many to seriously affect worm control.

“For example, in mature age mobs with moderate Faecal Egg Counts, leaving 5% of the heaviest sheep in the mob undrenched is not likely to impinge greatly on worm control. But it will slow down resistance selection.

“Whereas leaving some sheep undrenched in a mob with very high FEC undrenched could impact on overall worm control,” he said.

Dr Rendell says industry needs to move towards an optimum worm control system based on judicious use of drenches, rather than frequent drenching for total worm suppression.

“I recommend to clients that they use the most potent short acting molecule in combinations of two or preferably three different drench groups; and within the ML drench group, the most potent short duration product on the market is abamectin from Virbac Animal Health .

“Grazing and pasture management play key roles in supplementing drenching programs which need to be based on using effective products.

“This involves managing the level of sheep exposure to worms, so that they can develop host immunity to reduce drenching requirements, rather than just trying to blast the worms out of existence,” he said.

“Farmers have to think about what is the bigger and real impact of using a particular drench when they make their purchasing decisions. We don’t want people focusing on short term goals and unknowingly selecting for more drench resistance,” Dr Rendell said.

Dr David Hucker operates Para-tech Veterinary Services (Vic) Wickliffe, and he also sees hundreds of worm test results every year. Unfortunately, he believes nearly 30% of properties in south-eastern Australia now have detectable resistance to the ML group of drenches.

“A well designed drenching programme based on faecal egg count monitoring and associated drench resistance testing will minimize the rate of development of drench resistance and keep products with remaining efficacy in the hands of producers for longer.”

“If we detect a suspected macrocyclic lactone (ML) drench problem, we recommend changing to another drench group, or to a combination that we have evidence would be effective.

“But I then recommend further testing to identify the problem and find which drenches or combinations of drenches can be used effectively,” he said.

However, the chemical choices available to vets and their clients are becoming fewer, as the extent of drench resistance to existing classes of drugs gradually grows. Within the ML group of compounds, developing resistance means alternatives are required and recommended.

“It’s generally agreed that if summer drenches are required, producers need to use the most potent drench available to minimize the selection of resistant worms.”

“Abamectin is a short acting, highly potent drench that might be recommended at this time depending on drench resistance test results,” Dr Hucker said.

Abamectin is available under the Virbamec Oral brand. It is backed by Virbac Animal Health Australia’s respected commitment to quality and price competitiveness.

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